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Mental Health in Stop and Shop


Natasha Rivera-LaButhie at a press conference announcing the launch of a hub in a New Haven Stop & Shop that will offer mental health services and other assistance.

The Connecticut Mirror published a four-part  series on childhood trauma by Arielle Levin Becker, titled, “Starting Early” The series offers an in-depth look at a critical public health issue and is a must-read for policy makers, providers, parents and others who care for or work with young children and their families. The Connecticut Mirror is a nonpartisan news site that aims to combine the best of traditional and digital media.

Klingberg Staff asked to participate in the article were Nelba Marquez-Greene, founder of the Ana Grace Project and Patricia Wilcox, Klingberg Vice President.

The CT Mirror describes the series as examining “the science of childhood trauma, neglect and chronic stress, Connecticut initiatives to apply brain science to help young children and families overcome significant adversity and prevent deeper problems from developing later on, and efforts to better recognize when children need help coping with trauma.”

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