The Traumatic Stress Institute fosters the transformation of organizations and service systems to trauma-informed care (TIC) through the delivery of whole-system consultation, professional training, coaching, and research.

Ongoing program evaluation is a crucial part of the TSI Whole System Change Model to TIC. In 2018, we added a an agency-specific online dashboard to our program evaluation service. The online dashboard provides a user-friendly way for agencies to monitor their outcomes and make decisions based on the data. Staff get confidential individual online dashboard reports about their scores at three time points on two measures: 1) the Risking Connection Trauma Knowledge Assessment; 2) the Attitudes Related to Trauma-Informed Care (ARTIC) Scale. The agency gets an aggregate dashboard report about their staff’s performance on the measures. In addition, agencies choose 2 staff and/or client outcome metrics (ie. restraints, staff turnover, client positive planned discharges) that are also displayed on the dashboard. The dashboard provides easily accessible data that gives agencies feedback on how they are doing and serves to drive forward the TIC implementation process itself.