The Traumatic Stress Institute fosters the transformation of organizations and service systems to trauma-informed care (TIC) through the delivery of whole-system consultation, professional training, coaching, and research.

Monthly RC Mindfulness: Space to Connect

Monthly RC Mindfulness is an opportunity for the Risking Connection (RC) community to connect and engage in mindfulness practices to help replenish personal well-being and sustain delivery of trauma-informed care.

Each month, participants learn about and experience trauma-sensitive mindfulness practices that can improve personal and professional well-being and strengthen the domains of the RC Trauma Framework (attachment, body and brain, and self-capacities). Commit to self-care through mindfulness.

You can register whether or not the time works for you; a recording of each session will be sent to registrants after each session. 

In each 30-minute session an RC concept will be paired with a trauma-sensitive mindfulness practice (vicarious trauma and compassion meditation, for example), using the following format:

  • Brief centering activity
  • Paired RC topic and trauma-sensitive practice
  • Discussion about personal and professional application
  • Additional resources

While there is no guarantee that mindfulness practice produces certain desired results (or in a specific period of time), there is growing scientific evidence that mindfulness – the practice of choosing to pay attention in the present moment and without judgement* – supports improved:

  • Physical health (stress relief, sleep improvement and lower blood pressure)
  • Well-being (greater happiness and positive outlook on life as well as decreased anxiety and depression)
  • Work place performance (sustained attention, executive function and decreased compassion fatigue)

2024 Schedule – First Wednesday of the month, 12:00-12:30 pm ET

Monthly sessions are offered on a drop-in basis and can be accessed via Zoom. Once you’ve registered you’ll receive your own personal link. Paste in your calendar for the first Wednesday of each month, as your link will work for all meetings. TSI will send an email reminder for each monthly session. Due to their brevity, these sessions do not fulfill RC Trainer event requirements.

Your Facilitator

Sessions will be facilitated by John Engel, Program Coordinator at the Traumatic-Stress Institute of Klingberg Family Centers.  John’s mindfulness experience includes Certification in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), as well as participation in virtual and in-person Mindfulness in the Workplace Summits by Mindful Leader, Mind-Fitness Training:  Skills for Enhancing Performance and Building Resilience, and a variety of other mindfulness workshops and trainings. John formerly served on the faculty at Naropa University where he taught leadership courses that were infused with mindfulness practice and thought.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend Monthly Mindfulness Sessions?

All RC Trainers, Champions AND staff from RC agencies throughout North America are welcome to participate.

How much will it cost?

Nothing–it’s free!

Do I have to come to all of the sessions?

Sessions are drop-in, meaning you can come to one, some, or all. Each session is a stand-alone opportunity.

How do I get access to the sessions?

You will register only once. The link you receive at registration can be used for any session, so you can copy and paste it into your monthly calendar.

Does Monthly Mindfulness count toward RC Trainer attendance requirements?

It does not. RC Trainer attendance is required at 2 events per year. Eligible events include: RC Webinars, Day of Learning and Sharing, Recertification, and RC Train-the-Trainer.

Is this any different than other mindfulness resources?

There are many great mindfulness resources available to the public, but the focus of this series will be on RC concepts as they apply to both your work and personal life.

I have more questions. What can I do?

Access for RC Trainers and Champions Only