The Traumatic Stress Institute fosters the transformation of organizations and service systems to trauma-informed care (TIC) through the delivery of whole-system consultation, professional training, coaching, and research.

The Traumatic Stress Institute would like to recommend a book entitled: Healing Trauma: The Power of Group Treatment for People With Intellectual Disabilities  by Nancy J. Razza and Daniel Tomasulo (American Psychological Association, Jan 2005). This book is one of the most noteworthy books that explores the overlap between psychological trauma and developmental disabilities. This work explores specifically discusses people with intellectual disabilities, mostly in the mild to moderate range.  Razza and Tomasulo maintain that the fact that people with intellectual disabilities suffer higher than average rates of trauma and sexual abuse has been ignored. In addition, this population has been thought to be unable to benefit from traditional psychotherapy.  The book introduces the reader to a specific group therapy method called interactive-behavioral therapy (IBT) that the authors created for clients with developmental disabilities and psychiatric difficulties.

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