The Traumatic Stress Institute fosters the transformation of organizations and service systems to trauma-informed care (TIC) through the delivery of whole-system consultation, professional training, coaching, and research.

Follow-Up Coaching

Beginning at the Train-the-Trainer events, TSI Faculty help organizations develop a TIC Organizational Implementation Plan that is tailored to their organization. The Plan guides the implementation process over the next 6-12 months. Faculty then participate in virtual coaching calls with the TIC Task Force (often monthly) to assist with the execution of the Plan.
TIC Organizational Implementation Plans begins with rolling out Risking Connection and Restorative Approach staff training to ALL staff. But, it also includes interventions and strategies to: reinforce TIC practices in day-to-day, moment-to-moment interactions with clients; communicate organizational commitment to TIC to staff; embed attention to vicarious trauma in the organization; implement TI supervision; change policy and procedures consistent with TIC.