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ARTIC Scale for Students

Attitudes Related to Trauma-Informed Care

Measure what matters, measure trauma-informed care

“ARTIC Scale is a user-friendly, cost-effective tool that helped us track staff attitudes and culture change over time.” 

Mashana Smith, Ph.D.

Chicago Public Schools

How do I know if the ARTIC Scale will fit my needs?

The ARTIC Scale is a copywritten pdf survey which you print and administer to your study participants. Alternatively, it can be used as an online survey through platforms such as Qualtrics or LimeSurvey.

Having expertise in data management and analysis or access to a skilled evaluator or researcher is essential to successful use of the paper/pencil version.

Do have the capacity to…

  • Administer a paper/pencil survey at multiple time points in a way that  ensures participant confidentiality?
  • Manually enter all participant data at each time point into SPSS and complete data analysis using provided instructions?
  • Generate meaningful reports and graphs that illustrate the data analysis, and support data-driven decisions?
  • Are you seeking a measure that is also available in a language other than English (currently available in Spanish, French, Japanese, Farsi, Dutch, ad Turkish)?

…then the ARTIC Scale may fit your needs.

ARTIC Scale – Student Pricing

All ARTIC Licenses Include:

  • all standard versions of the ARTIC (10-, 35-, and  45-question lengths for both human service and education settings)
  • multiple administrations allowed per respondent
  • scoring instructions and SPSS syntax
  • scoring spreadsheet
  • Qualtrics-compatible ARTIC files
  • limited translations available upon request

ARTIC Licenses Do Not Include:

  • benchmarks (only available with Online ARTIC)
  • technical support

Coming Soon: Your one-stop shop for help with implementation of your ARTIC study. Learn about recommended best practices, scoring guidelines, methods of improving respondent response rates, troubleshooting, and more.

Student License Options

Study Larger than 500 Respondents?